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Based on our experience and client interactions across industries around the globe we have summarized the Major Focus Areas for Land Genetics.

Land Genetics


Focus on How Land Genetics interacts with the health of the individual members, and its impact on the development of family, organization and society.

Land Genetics


focus on how the principles of Land Genetics affect the revenue increase and decrease, sustainable growth metrics and new revenue generation models.

Land Genetics


Focus on the psycho-somatic reactions of human beings under the influence of Land genetics, inter-personal and group relations, business management, etc...


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. A person is in state of Swastha (health) if his/ her individual traits, physiological processes, body tissues & components are in perfect harmony, and soul, sense organs and mind are in a state of total satisfaction and content.

Human Body is a complex machine of bones, muscles and systemic mechanism constituting something similar to the ‘Hardware’ and a network of highly sophisticated neural pathways, endocrine mechanism together contributing as what can be called as the ‘Software’. Both these mechanisms have to perform in tandem. Any disharmony, evenr miniscule could lead to undesirable outcomes. 

For e.g. Iron is available in the Human Body in two methods, Systemic and Cellular (very rarely as magnetite molecules). Iron though in trace amounts plays a vital role in the bodily function. I was observed that the Earth’s magnetic fluxes influence the iron composition, transportation and disposition in the body. This minute variations in turn impacts the thought process and subsequently the behavior and decision making of an individual.

A healthy individual can positively impact the family, organisation and society, while otherwise his contribution is either dissipated or negative.

In this category Land Genetics deals with challenges that includes list below:

• Personal physiology

• Group Psychology

• Re-activating Positive Work Environment

• Disease Control

• Reducing acquired symptomatic disorders

• Life Style Diseases Management

• Chronic ailments therapy

• Anxiety, Depression and Aggression Syndromes


The revenue flow is closely associated with decision making, and work quality. It is a game of numbers, but strangely is is deeply swayed by emotional fluctuations as can be seen in Stock Exchange Behavior. The strange phenomena of drastic dip in stock value preceding or during a cosmological disturbances like a Mass Ejection of Solar Corona is being deeply studied. What is left out is that relatively minor events on elemental disturbances can also lead to failed business or poor work performance.

We have observed that certain geo-spatial arrangement can impair the decision making process of otherwise an articulate individual resulting in hasty decisions and financial loss. When the same goes unchecked for large conglomerates, the problem becomes much more complex and difficult for a solution which could be a minor adjustment of office space.

Similarly when a favorable arrangement is made, a recognizable if not drastic improvement is observed in the business performance. Here we can focus various requirements including:

• Solutions for Small & Medium enterprises

• Solutions for Corporate and Multi-national Enterprises

• Start Up and Green Business Development

• Strategic inputs based on individual stakeholder

• Proven tailor-made solutions for business segments

                o Manufacturing

                o Retail

                o Realty

                o Construction & Architecture

                o Entertainment & Media

                o Hospitality

                o Healthcare

                o Education etc. ..


This word is all about personal and business priorities and relationship building. A successful team as well as origination is dependent on how effectively are the relationships managed. Gone are the days of Competition, the new game revolves around Collaboration & Cooperation. When associated, we could jointly address issues ranging from personal differences, to large scale resource allocation as enlisted below:

• Strategic Hiring

• Improving inter personal interactions

• Conflict resolution between various functional units

• Reducing insecurity, ego interferences in business

• Harmonizing individual potential with the business hierarchy

• Geo-Spatial placement of individual offices based on the Command Structure

• Improvising Client Relations

• Building an effective, self-sufficient trustworthy team

• Business Expansion and Coordination

• Re-distributing existing team players

• Improvising Stakeholder, Management relations

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