Land Genetics

A new way of looking at events in connection with land, backed up by
years of study by Er. Deepak Agrawal

land speaks, let's listen...

Land transacts with man at every moment of our existence.

When we say Land, we mean a widened scope of the words ‘environment’ and ‘nature’ which includes:

  • The physical earth and atmosphere,
  • Various strong and subtle natural forces that act upon us,
  • Other mechanical and chemical influences on us

In this context Human Psycho-Somatic reactions are influenced by a number of forces and events around us. Out of the more than 144 active forces, both strong and subtle ones, 20 are highly relevant to our successful existence.

  1. Earth’s Magnetic Field, Position of the individual in relation to Geographic & Magnetic North, Electro-Magnetic & Telluric forces, difference of Relative Local Potentials etc. grouped as Ground Pranic forces (terrestrial)
  2. Day-Night transitions, Relative position of Earth to Sun & other cosmic bodies, Cosmic Rays, Cosmic events involving discharge of energies etc. grouped as Cosmic Forces (extra-terrestrial)
  3. Forces and Emissions from Man-made Elements (artificial)
Land Genetics

These effects either subtle or profound has puzzled scientists and observers for centuries. Until recently an Indian engineer pioneered the studies to consolidate all that is known about these influences on humans and their living style, a study that is named - Land Genetics.

According to this even the geographic poles, and directions – N, E, S, W, NE, NW, SE & SW are also considered forces due to the energy associated with these directions owing to geo-rotation, axial inclination and magnetic polar influences. 

Land Genetics postulates can be summarized as follows:

  1. The Land Communicates its preferences, which can be decoded and utilized for optimal planning .
  2. The Land, its incumbents both living & non-living interact, impress and influence each other .
  3. Certain aspects of the pre-disposition of the land can be re-programmed to the benefit of the incumbents or to produce desired quantifiable results .
  4. The Environment affects human behaviour, whilst the land/ earth being the closest in contact has greater influence on the psycho-somatic functioning of the entire of human body, which in turn influence the decisions and daily activities of the individual or a team, both personally and professionally .
  5. Apart from the major influences like weather & day-night, ground pranic forces and cosmic forces influence human electro-chemical and thereby psycho-somatic activities.

These findings have impacted various fields of study, and has a direct bearing on the day-to-day affairs of individuals as well as enterprises.

Applications of Land Genetics

Land Genetics


Pertaining to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, as prescribed by W.H.O, covers preventive and source solutions...

Land Genetics


Pertaining to personal and group finances, financial assets and instruments, material movements, etc...

Land Genetics


Pertaining to interpersonal relations, marital/ family relations, group/team dynamics, stakeholder relations, partnerships etc...

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