Er. Deepak S. Agrawal

meet the person behind re-discovering the long lost science.... Land Genetics...

The person behind re-discovering this long lost science, and further helping this subject evolve with practical applications for a better world. He pioneered the new branch of understanding for science through Land Genetics for more than 2 decades establishing that non-living entities too inherit and transmit acquired traits.

A civil engineer by profession, he has redefined this branch of study unlike any other individual in the world and proved that engineering is not just lines and drawings. From planning to designing, building structures to fabricating interiors, from man to material management he demonstrated the possibility of sustainable inclusive model of building science, in effect daring the conventional theories of engineering.

His in-depth understanding of the traditional engineering concepts across the globe, expertise in the project management and study of Land genetics phenomenon makes him essential part of projects, especially when the stakes are high against conventional assumptions. Similar to legends from the past including JC Bose, initially it was difficult to accept his discovery. But growing popularity amongst mass has won him many platforms to share his ideas, and is considered as foremost expert of land review. 

Dr. Dipak Shankar Agrawal

If we are still skeptical about whether Deepak Agrawal works, I’d say, please engage him for an assignment and you would yourself be dumbfounded at his revelations.

- Diptesh Kushwaha
(CEO - Arihant Developers)

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