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A reputed Property Developer saved from insolvency:

The global recession saw the plans of the developer hit badly. The group’s plan to develop and sell off a premium commercial property at key location in a metro city in India failed due to financial liquidity crunch, so much that the project dragged and jeopardized the existing business to the brink of insolvency. Land Genetic study, contrary to their hope of project to take off thereby releasing much needed funds for operational expenses, was negative.
The construction major was advised to shift their focus to another residential property location which was lying idle at the time. After much deliberation, the group agreed to the scientific logic offered by the science. The group sprung up to better performances immediately within 60 days of the changeover and generated abundant revenue not only to balance operations but also to start the dream commercial project.

We are proud to present a selected few of the hundreds of cases that we resolved through our innovative methods which we call “Genetic Re-engineering”. 

A Large Power Plant in Northern India: 

A 540 megawatt power project foundation was laid during the mid 2007. 5 years fown the line, the project could only achieve135 megawatts operational in the first phase, making the project seriously behind schedule and cost overruns to a whopping 200%! Such massive deviation from the plan of such this large project would have sounded the death note of the entire project. The project stakeholders were desperately trying for a wayout when they sought the expertise of Dipak Shankar Agrawal.

Upon careful 4 day study, the team was able to identify and locate strong geo-negative influences at the site and agreed to arrive at a stage wise correction of energy and ground force disturbances. The landscape was a foothill to start with and contributed to uneven topography which in turn resulted in inapprorpiate geo-spatial weight displacement. Minor changes were brought in to the topography of the land of the assembly house correcting the imbalances. At first stage the interventions saw success in bringing more clarity to manage the substantial cost over run and later the topography and land weight balance was adjusted in such a way that the project was set on a faster path. The resultant conditions helped achieve the project finish before deadline within a correction of just 14% increase in budget as opposed to 200%! The entire intervention man-hours was as low as 3800 including the execution of the corrections with relatively miniscule cost. Thus an entire region was saved from a failed mega project and immense benefit to the public. 

Midsized Pharma Company of Maharashtra:

This Company was taken over by the current investors around 2013 after almost 10 years of running by the founders. The company had issues regarding yield while fund flow was never an issue. After carefully studying all the molecular forces we felt and suggested immediate correctional measures without which our study confirmed the yield was to substantially diminish within the next six months.

The new management took over from the founding members of this decade old pharmaceutical production firm which was listed as a bad performer. Technically the bad performance was attributed to weak yield to the capital invested and fund flow was never an issue and the issue would have been aggravated within the next 180 days. The team from DSA lead by Dipak Shankar Agrawal after the preliminary study assured a turnaround of the same. After careful study of 2 working days, the team submitted a set of recommendations with regards to the storage, placement of accounts team, placement of the major water source and management office locations. The new stakeholders of the Pharma firm readily agreed as the recommendations were simple in nature to execute. The Pharma group saw remarkable change in the business performance from 12th day of implementation. Emboldened by this turnaround, they invested additionally to expand the operations and increase production capability. 

Pharma Company from Western Region under expansion:

The above said pharmaceutical group deviated from the original set of recommendations and selectively applied the recommendations. Their plans to develop additional production capacity came to a halt when the requisite clearances from an international body (for whom the production was chalked to supply) couldn’t be achieved. Once again the team was called in for an expert intervention. However this time the best option possible was to back off scavenging whatever was possible as the project cost had already hit 500% the originally envisaged cost. Nevertheless upon insistence from the Management, and an alternate path was identified and eventually resulted in achieving clearances from the International Body.

A large food grain processing plant in UAE:

A peculiar but interesting call from a wealthy owner of a Food (grain) Processing Plant UAE was attended. It was special because, the concern was despite having abundant resources, including man, machines, raw materials and management the project operation was never smooth with frequent inter departmental conflicts. After several rounds of disciplinary actions and HR turnaround and role rotations things happen to exhibit the same issues persistently.

Upon arriving at UAE and the plant location that was set up in 3 phases, 1 day were devoted to studying the local geography, important energy structures around and day 2 to study the local wind systems and water resources and interacting with different department representatives. After in depth study on the 3rd day, a briefing was called in with the major stakeholders, and recommended warehouses, and free load storages to a separate compound which was readily accepted. The indifferences and conflicts were brought to a sudden arrest to the surprise of all the people involved. Since it was the first in Middle East, we followed the development for 6 months and were contented to the find the operations never raised a block card since then. 

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